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Agri-south is a one day free to attend event that focus’ on technical developers, innovators, supplies and services directly or indirectly involved in Agriculture and Horticulture

30th June 2022

AgriSouth is the perfect event for visitors find solutions for the arable sector and provides a platform for you to be at the heart of the conversation and the solution.

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Faversham Showground, Staplestreet Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 9HY

AgriSouth goes into the second year of operation in 2022 and we have an increased number of plots and areas of interest for visitors to consider. The event is a technically based offering aiming to get the most up to date work being done in the arable sector over to growers with a South East twist and came about because we found it frustrating
that growers were missing some of the interesting, independent work that is being done, alongside some of the more commercial interest that our major suppliers have to offer.


The inaugural 2021 event focused on research, technical development and innovation by showcasing some of the very latest technical arable developments available for farming businesses. The 2022 event will see that expanded hugely with KINGS CROPS, YARA, AGROVISTA, CMF and further companies to be announced supporting NIAB & AgriSouth with their extensive crop plots and their expert agronomists will be on hand to guide visitors through the varieties and inputs used over the months leading up to the Show.

This is a crucial time for all sectors of UK Agriculture, politically and environmentally.

UK farmers are already looking towards a sustainable future for agriculture that will require sufficient food to be produced for a growing world population while natural resources are conserved – something that can only be done by using the latest innovative and smart technologies adapted to meet the local conditions. Visitors and Exhibitors will be coming together to research, innovate and develop products, services and technologies across the industry to future-proof their businesses and remain efficient and profitable through some tricky times ahead.

NIAB’s involvement as a technical partner with AgriSouth has been led by Keith Truett, NIAB’s regional agronomist for the South East. He joined the organisation four years ago, with 20 years experience of farm agronomy and as a member of ARC, TAG and then chairman of the NIAB TAG’s Kent Technical Committee.

NIAB  have always hosted open days, but rarely exhibits at trade shows. AgriSouth is a great opportunity to showcase it’s independent, science-based approach to technical information, plus highlight aspects of their farmer member driven research.

Alongside all this, Kreston Reeves will be welcoming visitors from 8.30am – 10am to join them for breakfast – the first time for many to meet in person for quite a while, so there will be a lot to catch up on!

For all the show news, please follow the link to our NEWS PAGE – so make a note in your diaries and watch this space to follow developments and announcements.

Come along, enjoy some hospitality and consider how this event could affect your future planning for 2022 and beyond……..


The Venue - Faversham Showground, Staplestreet Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 9HY

NIAB is a pioneering plant science organisation based at the heart of the Cambridge science, technology and university communities and a thriving UK agricultural industry.

With 100 years experience in the agricultural and food sectors, NIAB has an internationally recognised reputation for independence, innovation and integrity. Our traditional activities have always focused on science-led plant variety and seeds characterisation, evaluation, quality control and knowledge transfer.

NIAB doesn’t just have a long and respected history, it can also look forward to a vibrant and challenging future to meet the needs of an ever expanding population and climate change. Its far reaching plans include significant investment in new translational research capability and an ongoing programme of site development at the Cambridge HQ. NIAB also values its close links within its community and proactively encourages the next generation of plant scientists to take forward its pioneering projects.

NIAB is building on its innovative skills to engage in research relevant to crop improvement, and deliver the practical benefits of that research to commercial plant breeders in the UK and developing countries. A major focus is pre-competitive plant breeding that aims to produce a range of novel traits that will ensure that current economic, environmental and societal targets are met.
NIAB is organised to reflect its position in the industry: ‘Genetics and Breeding’, underpinning and supplementing the commercial plant breeding industry by providing links with upstream genetic research; ‘Varieties and Seeds’, born out of the traditional business of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in supporting variety and seeds legislation and ‘Crops and Agronomy’. An Operations team provides core, centralised services such as overall quality management, and trials delivery as well as site services.